10 Life-Changing Moments in Nursing

Posted Jan 05

There is not a go-to source for life-changing moments in nursing because they vary heavily from person to person. They can involve family members, patients of any age or working with your peers to save a life during a Code Blue. You do not have to go looking for life-changing moments in nursing: those moments are almost always present in one form or another. However, you can be sure that these top 10 moments in this post will change how you see your role as a nurse.

Career Options for New Grads With a BSN

Posted Dec 14

New graduates with a BSN have many options when it comes to specific career types. While working as a registered nurse, recent graduates can explore advanced degrees, work in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics and figure out what type of care setting gives them the most joy and sense of accomplishment. Rather than simply applying to the first job available, new grads should consider starting a career in one of the following occupations to kick start their long-term nursing journey.

Buy One, Give One Away: Gift a Course with our Holiday BOGO

Posted Dec 02

nhcps bogo promo

The end of the year is approaching, and for many, that means the start of gift-giving season. Once again, the year has flown by, and we are into the last month of the 2016 calendar. Here at NHCPS, we want to participate in the season of giving by giving the gift of life-saving knowledge by offering free online Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR certification and renewal. During the winter season, we are going to be offering Buy One, Give One, where all orders will include a completely free certification to gift to a friend, family member or simply keep for yourself for future certification requirements.

Giving Back to the Community as a Nurse on World AIDS Day

Posted Nov 26

world aids day nhcps blog

December 1, 2016 is World AIDS Day. More than 1.2 million people in the U.S. and more than 36.7 million people around the globe live with HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, one in eight people with HIV do not know their status, which is why World AIDS Day is important to everyone. As a nurse, you can help give back to the community during this day of caring, but first, you need to prepare yourself with a few things.

ThanksLiving Course Giveaway: Get your FREE Certification

Posted Nov 08

ThanksLiving 2016

It’s November, a month to give thanks and celebrate the life all around us, and we want to do just that. National Health Care Provider Solutions has worked alongside the Disque Foundation, a non-profit organization providing health care education, since our founding in 2011. All proceeds from NHCPS are given to the Save A Life Initiative, an initiative developed by the Disque Foundation Empowerment Team to empower a million people to save a life by year 2020. This year, NHCPS has decided to participate in ThanksLiving again, and have decided to give away courses during the rest of the month of November, up until #GivingTuesday, on December 1st.

ACLS Airway Management: Advanced Airway Adjuncts Review

Posted Oct 28

acls advanced airway adjuncts

In ACLS certification, you will learn about airway management. There are two categories of airway management, basic airway adjuncts and advanced airway adjuncts. Like the name implies, advanced airway adjuncts are used during management of respiratory arrest in more advance cases. Let’s go over the advanced indications, precautions and steps for using advanced airway adjuncts in ACLS protocols.

Improve Patient Care with these Simple, Foolproof Tips

Posted Oct 16

tips to improve patient care

Each hospital staff faces numerous demands for its time, energy and attention that compete with maintaining a high quality of patient care and service. However, National Healthcare Quality week is a good time to consider that not all solutions to languishing patient care need to be intricate or complicated. Here are some simple, efficient methods nurses and doctors can work into their daily routines to enhance care for patients during their hospital stays. While not groundbreaking, these tips have been shown to directly improve the healthcare industry.

Differences Between Category 2 and Category 1 CME Credits

Posted Oct 02

category 1 cme

As a health care provider, you are required to maintain licensure in the state where you practice. In order to maintain licensure, you must meet various requirements. One requirement all medical providers must meet involves participating in various continuing medical education, or CME, activities. CME is also required for certification from various authorities in the field, as well as for membership in certain professional organizations.

Airway Management: ACLS Basic Airway Adjuncts Review Video

Posted Sep 13

basic airway adjuncts acls

In ACLS certification, you will learn about airway management. There are two categories of airway management, basic airway adjuncts and advanced airway adjuncts. Like the name implies, basic airway adjuncts are used to increase the success of simple airway maneuvers. Let’s go over the basic indications, precautions and steps for correcting using basic airway adjuncts in ACLS protocols.

A Nurse’s Story: The Importance of Performing as a Team

Posted Sep 04

the importance of team resuscitation nurse

A guest blog post written by Krista Quintana, a nurse and creator of Color Coordinated. On admission, we’re required to ask our patients if they have advanced directives. These let your healthcare providers know what you would like to happen if for some reason, you stop breathing, your heart stops working, or you’re unable to communicate your needs. The two most common options are Resuscitate, or Do Not Resuscitate, and both options need to be carefully weighed. I haven’t done CPR very often in Skilled Nursing, but the few times I did will always stay with me.

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