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NHCPS CEO and CMO will deliver keynote address at Regional CEO Conference

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on Feb 27, 2013 at 9:21 am

NHCPS CEO John Lustig, and CMO Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque were invited to deliver the keynote address for the Regional Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) Conference at Bryant University today. This is the second time in the past four months the two have been asked to present at a CEO event, the first time being last November at the National CEO Conference in Chicago.

At their first presentation, Lustig and Dr. Disque were invited to present during separate breakout sessions. These presentations left enough of an impression on a few students from Bryant University for the two to receive the keynote invitation a few weeks later.

The position as keynote speakers put a high level of importance on the content of their presentation, and the two are choosing to gear towards topics not normally covered in similar presentations or classroom lectures. Instead, they are planning to dive into topics ranging from the psychological aspects of a successful startup, building a strong support team, and utilizing the entrepreneurial passion those in attendance all share. The two will draw primarily on experience from their work with NHCPS and other ventures. Additionally they hope to explore their work in combining the efforts of NHCPS and the Disque Foundation.

Although this is not the first speaking engagement the two have had, this marks the first time they have been invited to deliver a keynote address. They will deliver their address to an audience composed of CEO Members, Bryant University Students and select others.

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