20 Careers That Require CPR Certification You Never Would Have Thought Of

CPR Certification Careers

You wouldn’t ever need to know CPR because you’re not in the medical
field, right? Wrong. Not only is CPR certification the responsible
choice, but it’s also often the required choice. Employers, even in the
non-medical fields are cracking down on employee safety and are
beginning to see the crucial importance of this life-saving knowledge.
It’s hard to imagine having to use CPR on a victim of cardiac arrest,
but the reality of the prevalence of sudden cardiac arrest in America is
shocking – more than 350,000 people in the United States experience
cardiac arrest every year. While CPR is typically associated with health
care and medical careers, laypersons can too benefit from CPR
certification, leverage their careers and even save a live. You’ll be
shocked to find that these employers often call for their employees to
be certified: