About National Health Care Provider Solutions

Dr. Karl Disque, founder and Chief Medical Officer of NHCPS.
Dr. Disque while serving as a medical volunteer in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) is the premier online certification and recertification provider for health care professionals. We strive to provide all health care providers who certify with NHCPS with the best certification experience possible through a combination of our training material, comprehensive examinations, overall simplicity and convenience throughout an online course, and a firm dedication of using all proceeds to help provide similar education to those previously without access. In choosing NHCPS to meet your certification requirements, you are making a significant contribution towards saving lives in underserved communities around the globe, and all from an online platform.

NHCPS was founded by Dr. Karl Disque, a board certified physician and practicing anesthesiologist. Based on the time demands required of health care professionals, he felt there was an unmet need for self-directed educational training. He and his colleagues found traditional on-site courses did not fit the constantly improving learning model now available through an online platform.

The resulting convenience of online training and the freedom to personally determine when completion occurs, gives health care professionals extra time to continue saving the lives of the patients they are surrounded by on a daily basis. For this reason, all aspects of the course can be accessed online, and completed from any device with Internet access.

All of our courses were created by board certified medical professionals and adhere to the newest AHA standards and guidelines. Our courses include many forms of study material, including video demonstrations, audiobooks, and PDF study handbooks. Examinations are created from content covered in the training material.

NHCPS currently offers the following certification and recertification programs for:

The Save A Life Initiative

NHCPS and the Disque Foundation have teamed up to expand the reach of life saving skills training. The mission of the Disque Foundation is to advance and provide health care education to underserved areas, both domestic and abroad. NHCPS has pledged to donate all proceeds gained through the certification and recertification programs towards furthering the efforts of the Disque Foundation.

The Save a Life Initiative allows health care professionals to not only have their individual certification requirements met, but also to directly contribute toward providing education to those in underserved areas, thereby indirectly saving lives with this simple choice. Both NHCPS and the Disque Foundation operate through a goal of inspiring others to live inspired lives. We have already seen first hand the positive impact this education can have on areas where it is needed the most, and the lives it has saved. Many health care professionals have experienced the inspiration that results from saving a life. In completing a certification or recertification course through NHCPS, this inspiration can spread, and together we can Save a Life!

NHCPS is HONcode Certified

National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) is Health On the Net “HONcode” certified.

About Health on the Net (HON)

Health on the Net is a United Nations recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Geneva, Switzerland, 'to guide citizens or medical professionals to reliable, relevant and up-to-date online health and medical information'.

HON was created in May 1996 to accredit internet health websites. In 2002, HON received NGO consultative status by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, authorizing HON to accredit medical content on the internet as a public service. With over four billion webpages dedicated to providing health information online, consumers of healthcare education must be sure a site is providing reliable, accurate information. HONcode certification “is de facto a  standard of the reliability of online information . Its purpose is to protect all citizens from incorrect, indeed misleading medical and health information'.

HONCode Evaluation

HON’s prestigious HONcode designation has been awarded to just 7,300 websites in 102 countries! These include some of the most prestigious and authoritative healthcare websites, including WebMD, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

HON reviews online health information in light of the eight ethical principles that make up HONcode:

  1. Authoritative: Is the information from a qualified, trusted source?
  2. Complementary: Does the information support the doctor-patient relationship?
  3. Privacy: Is data submitted by the client protected?
  4. Attribution: Are references properly cited?
  5. Justifiability: Can the site support claimed benefits with data?
  6. Transparency: Is the information accessible? Are communications accurate?
  7. Financial disclosures: Can funding sources be identified?
  8. Advertising: Is editorial content distinct from advertising?