Free Resources

We offer a plethora of free resources, in addition to our certification and recertification courses, so that anyone with an internet connection can join in on our mission of empowering people across the world to save a life. The most important intervention is to act, and our free resources give individuals the tools to confidently intervene in a life-threatening situation. Whether you are preparing to certify or recertify in a course, or just seeking additional medical knowledge, our free resources are the perfect place to start.

All free resources designed and maintained by board certified physicians and are updated regularly to adhere to the latest ILCOR guidelines and recommendations. It is recommended that the content within these resources be reviewed more frequently than once every two years.

Free Training Courses

Available to anyone with an internet connection, our comprehensive training courses offer a cost-effective and convenient way for healthcare professionals and students to gain valuable knowledge. Take our ACLS, PALS, ECG Rhythms, CPR, BBP and BLS free courses between recertification deadlines to reup your skills and reaffirm your knowledge.

Practice Tests

Take advantage of our free practice tests and discover how easily you can become certified or recertified through our online testing process. Review our ACLS, BLS, PALS, CPR and BBP pretests to test your knowledge on up-to-date material based on each course’s corresponding handbook and the latest ILCOR guidelines. 


Put your life-saving skills to the test with our timed ACLS and PALS megacodes and case studies. Designed to mimic real-life scenarios through timed simulations, these challenging, yet practical resources provide an excellent method to enhance your clinical skills and prepare for examinations. 


Our ACLS, PALS, CPR, COVID-19 and BLS algorithms are intended to provide individuals with the tools to take action during a life-threatening emergency. Each algorithm guides rescuers through a well-organized system of care to increase victims’ likelihood of survival while maintaining brain and heart function.

Mobile Apps

Browse our mobile, medical apps that will help you save both lives and time! Our apps are entirely free and will help you successfully manage all your life-saving resources, techniques and certifications from one place. Apps are available on the App Store and on Google Play. 


Download any of our eBooks to your tablet or mobile device for a comprehensive provider manual on the course of your choice. Each of our courses–ACLS, PALS, BBP, BLS and CPR, First Aid and AED–has a corresponding eBook that can be used as a supplemental resource for the course, or as standalone training material. 


Our audiobooks provide an innovative and engaging approach to learning basic and advanced life-saving information. Each course has a corresponding audiobook filled with

Journal Articles

Explore our vast collection of journal articles, ranging from all different medical-related topics. Our articles offer valuable insights and information for healthcare professionals and students, but also for the average person interested in learning more about health, wellness and life-saving techniques. 

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