Bloodborne Pathogens Practice Test

Looking to test your knowledge of Bloodborne Pathogens transmission and safety precautions?  Step right up to this ten question practice test, and if you pass with 80% of better, you’ll get a coupon good for 20% off the regular price of our Bloodborne Pathogens Certification.  If you’re new to studying this material, we offer a free online Bloodborne Pathogens course,  right here.

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1. Biohazard signs on laboratory doors must identify all of the following except:*
2. You notice that a sharps disposal container is overfilled with needles and other sharps, and you have a broken glass vial to dispose of. You:*
3. An autoclave uses ______ to decontaminate heat-stable items.*
4. The exposure incident most likely to result in the transmission of a bloodborne pathogen is:*
5. PPE (personal protective equipment) is an example of:*
6. Which is an effective work practice control?*
7. Which controls help to contain splashes?*
8. All of the following are examples of bloodborne pathogens except:*
9. Which is not an example of a bloodborne pathogen?*
10. In regards to employer provided bloodborne pathogen training, which of the following is not true?*
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