ACLS Megacode 2 Out-of-Hospital

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You are a healthcare provider working on an ALS ambulance. You receive a call from dispatch advising you that an individual witnessed their 70-year-old female neighbour collapse outside their home. The bystander has begun providing CPR. Your response time to the scene is 4 min. A rapid initial assessment reveals the following:

Vital signs
  • Pulse rate: Unobtainable
  • Blood pressure: Unobtainable
  • Respiratory rate: Unobtainable
  • Temperature: Unobtainable
Physiological systems
  • Integumentary: Cold, cyanotic
  • Cardiovascular: No palpable pulse
  • Respiratory: No audible respiration, no visible chest rising
  • Neurological: Unresponsive
1. Your partner opens the jump bag and begins attaching the cardiac monitor to the patient. What are your initial actions?*