ACLS Megacode 6 In-Hospital

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You are a healthcare provider working in a community health complex. A 32-year-old male is seen in triage for complaints of dizzy spells that have been occurring sporadically for 2-3 hrs with feelings of breathlessness that have come and gone in the last 30 min. A rapid initial assessment reveals the following:

Vital signs
  • Pulse rate: 157/min
  • Blood pressure: 101/67
  • Respiratory rate: 20/min
  • Temperature: 36.9 °C
Physiological systems
  • Integumentary: Warm, dry
  • Cardiovascular: Strong palpable peripheral pulses bilaterally
  • Respiratory: Lungs CTA bilaterally, SpO2 91%
  • Neurological: Alert, oriented
1. The patient is attached to a cardiac monitor. A rhythm check reveals stable sinus tachycardia at 157/min. What are your initial actions?*