PALS Megacode 1 In-Hospital

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You are a resident physician working in a pediatric emergency department. An 18-month-old male is seen in triage for a barking cough and abnormal breathing. The mother reports a four-day history of moderately high fever, progressive coughing fits, nasal congestion, purulent rhinorrhea, and decreased PO intake. The child was brought to the hospital because the mother is concerned with “weird breathing noises” that started an hour ago. You enter the room and conduct a rapid initial impression (ABCs) which reveals the following:

  • Appearance: Alert, irritable
  • Breathing: Increased effort, accessory muscle use, paradoxical respirations, nasal flaring, inspiratory stridor, nasal congestion
  • Circulation: Skin is pale
1. What type and severity of respiratory emergency is occurring in the given scenario?*