PALS Megacode 7 Out-of-Hospital

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You are a healthcare provider working on an ALS ambulance. You are dispatched to the home of a 14-year-old female who has experienced a perceived syncopal episode. Your response time to the scene is 6 minutes. Upon arrival, you notice that the front door of the house is open. You approach the door and announce your department. You hear an adult calling out for help. You enter the home and find the 7-year-old child lying supine on the living room floor. The adult identifies themselves as their mother, and reports that her child collapsed suddenly and that they’re unable to wake them up. A rapid initial impression (ABCs) reveals the following:

  • Appearance: Unconscious, unresponsive
  • Breathing: Inadequate breathing, decreased respiratory effort
  • Circulation: Peripheral cyanosis
1. A rapid initial impression reveals that the child is unresponsive. What are your initial actions?*