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10 Life-Changing Moments in Nursing

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on Jan 5, 2017 at 4:09 am

THERE IS NOT A GO-TO SOURCE FOR LIFE-CHANGING MOMENTS IN NURSING because they vary heavily from person to person. They can involve family members, patients of any age or working with your peers to save a life during a Code Blue. You do not have to go looking for life-changing moments in nursing: those moments are almost always present in one form or another. However, you can be sure that these top 10 moments in this post will change how you see your role as a nurse.

10 Life changing moments in nursing picTimes That Will Fill Your Heart, Warm Your Soul and Change Your Life.

  1. Seeing the smile on the face of a patient who hasn’t seen his or her family members recently when you enter the room.
  2. Working overnight and hearing, when it’s time to clock out, “Thank You.”
  3. Participating in a Code Blue and seeing the person go home from the hospital.
  4. Recognizing a medical emergency before it becomes life-threatening.
  5. Spending a holiday with elderly patients, seeing the joy you bring just by being willing to spend your day with them first.
  6. Opening the doors to a locked unit for visiting hours, such as the ICU, to waiting family members who look at you with admiration and love.
  7. Teaching a student how to perform a procedure for the first time on your patient.
  8. Seeing the happiness experienced by family members when they learn a loved one has come out of surgery or a trauma okay.
  9. Being entrusted as the only person outside of family and friends to hold a newborn baby.
  10. The moment your patient looks at you for simply bringing them ice water.

More Moments Will Come.

There are thousands of times that you will feel empowered and hopeful when interacting with patients, their family members and your coworkers. These moments change who you are as a person and renew your hope in others. They will become the beacons you turn to when work gets you down or stresses you out. You became a nurse because you understand that some of the simplest, humble acts can have the greatest impact on others when they need medical assistance.

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a lover of world travel, photography, design, style and Chinese cooking. She is passionate about working towards a purpose, recently graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Media and Marketing, and is currently residing in Manhattan.

Contact Mackenzie at [email protected]


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