3 Holiday DIY Gift Baskets for Nurses and Medical Professionals

3 Holiday DIY Gift Baskets for Nurses and Medical Professionals

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on Dec 7, 2015, at 4:41 pm


IF YOU ARE BUYING HOLIDAY GIFTS for nurses this year, you might feel a bit
overwhelmed with what to get the very special someone. Should you get them
something related to nursing? Will they even use the gift?

Holiday shopping is a seriously challenging time, and you might not have a clue what
to buy the nurse you love or appreciate in your life. We are here to help!
Why not make a DIY gift basket? While you can certainly go buy a pre-made
gift basket, they tend to be much more expensive and less personalized.
Ditch the traditional pre-made gift basket route, save some money and
express genuine creativity by making your own special nursing gift basket
this holiday season for the nurse you appreciate in your life.

Fix It And Forget It Cook Book CoverFor the foodie nurse:
There are the nurses who seem to
also be part-time foodies, thoroughly enjoying the break room snacks often.
For this nurse, make a gift-basket filled with energizing snacks, special
treats and fun foodie nurse gear.

Start off by creating a healthy
trail mix filled with almonds, dried fruits and some yogurt chips. Place
all the ingredients in a small-lidded mason jar for on the go convenience.
Try out one of these 5 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes!
Anatomically Correct Chocolates

You can also include
a cookbook, such as this

5 ingredient slow-cooker cookbook
from Amazon, that includes simple recipes that can be
thrown into a crockpot before work, and enjoyed immediately after a long shift.

Finish the basket off with some silly medical-inspired treats! We love these
Anatomically Correct
Chocolate Boxes
from Visual Anatomy, or this
Human Organ Transplant Lunch Box
from ThinkGeek.

Pee Sample CandyFor the movie-buff nurse:
The movie buff nurse probably
loves all sorts of creativity, and will surely appreciate a DIY personalized gift box.

Start off with classic movie-time treats! Place a lidded jar of popcorn kernels
next to a couple old-fashioned popcorn containers. Other suitable treats can include a
bag of bite-sized candies, such as gummy bears, mini chocolates or this hilarious
pee sample”
candy from Candy Warehouse. The nurse you appreciate will surely have a laugh at that!

Don’t forget to include a film in the gift set! If you aren’t sure which films
the nurse might already own or enjoy, consider simply purchasing a movie theater gift
card that can be used at the local cinema.

Prescription Coffee MugThe under-caffeinated nurse
While all nurses most likely enjoy one too many cups of joe at some point, the true “under-caffeinated”
nurse is a coffee and tea fanatic and will definitely enjoy a homemade beverage-inspired gift basket.

To start, create a variety of drinking options with the basket. Both teas and coffees will make a
healthy and delicious balance. For the nurse on the go, include a package of fancy instant coffee
packets that he or she can throw into a bag or in the break room. A tea tin, complete with English
breakfast tea, a jar of local honey and a tin of shortbread will add an elegant and less intense
option for nurses who might work long shifts that interrupt their sleeping schedule.

What makes a coffee gift basket even better for nurses? The mugs or course! Be sure to include
both a mug for at home and a travel thermos inspired by nursing. We love this unique

prescription coffee mug
from Amazon for at home and this unique
Caffeine PO Q4H PRN”
travel mug from Café Press that only those in the medical field will understand.

Now that you have some inspiration for a DIY gift basket for the nurse
or medical professional in your life, it’s time to get creative and start putting it together.

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