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ACLS Recertification Virtual Education Is More Practical Than Traditional Courses

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on Jul 7, 2014 at 6:10 pm

ADHERENCE TO THE ILCOR’S ADVANCED CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT  guidelines has been shown to improve outcomes when these guidelines are followed during in-hospital cardiac arrest events (McEvoy et al., 2014)

Virtual ACLS Recertification can be as effective, and in some cases more effective than traditional in-class courses, and often prove the optimal choice for medical professionals with relentlessly demanding lives. The key to success in virtual education revolves around considering the needs and learning styles of the students it serves. According to the New York Times,nursing students studying virtual education has been proven by medical professionals to be more applicable, stimulating, and relaxed than traditional training. With ACLS recertification, online courses are the optimal choice for various reasons and should be considered by every health care professional seeking stress-free recertification or certification.


Online medical certification is, without a doubt, designed to cater to your needs as an individual by being 100-percent customizable. Instead to listening to an instructor lecture at his or her own pace, you can rewind, pause, stop, and replay ACLS recertification lessons anytime you wish. This makes taking breaks and notes easy and thorough.

An Unconventional Setting

After years of medical school and
residency, it’s hard to imagine spending more time in the classroom, especially every 2 years for ACLS recertification. The coursework and material for virtual education are analogous with traditional in-class courses. however, they operate in an entirely new setting, in the comfort of your own time. The quality of the education must meet, or excel, the quality of traditional courses. If the values of the specific online classes are met, the alternative setting on online courses provide greater motivation, efficiency, and achievement.

Effectually Planned Curriculum

It is easy to overlook the actual variedness of curriculum when choosing an ACLS recertification online provider, however, this remains the key component to triumph in passing the course and applying the material into your own career to save lives. Virtual medical certification offers a varied amount of options to please visual and auditory learners, with a range of graphics, charts, and videos along with the instructor’s commentary. When choosing a provider, look for one that will benefit you and your patients by looking for courses with easy-to-remember algorithms and presentations.

Support System

In a traditional classroom setting, there is often little support, if any, and is exclusive with your teacher. ACLS recertification online courses are designed to be
supportive at all times, with customer service, technical support, and guidance throughout the entire certification or recertification process. NHCPS offers a variety of course materials to support your success such as eBooks, provider manuals, practice test questions, and multiple self-assessments. As an online medical certification provider, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to create the most applicable and encouraging atmosphere to help every user complete their course with confidence.

As you can see, ACLS recertification doesn’t have to be a biannual drag. It is now available anytime and anywhere you wish, and can be completed in a fraction of the time. Look for a provider that values the above characteristics for optimal learning.


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McEvoy, M. D., Field, L. C., Moore, H. E., Smalley, J. C., Nietert, P. J., &
Scarbrough, S. H. (2014, January). The effect of adherence to ACLS protocols on survival of event in the setting of in-hospital cardiac arrest. Resuscitation, 85(1), 82-87.….

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