Modern Nursing: The Top 5 Trends of 2015

Currently within the world of nursing

· Nursing is the largest healthcare profession, with 3.1 million registered nurses (RNs) nationwide

· RNs comprise the largest segment of professionals working in the healthcare industry (source: AACN)

The healthcare industry is an always changing field due to the advances in technology and the development of better training methods. A career in nursing, especially requires nurses to be adaptable. Current trends in the nursing industry are shaping and influencing nurses all around the world, regardless of boundaries.bearded nurse standing in front of chalk board with trends

It’s important to be aware of new changes and how they might affect your career. So, what’s the current buzz on nursing?

Changes in nursing this year

· The emphasis on preventative care
Preventative care is becoming the forefront of the world of healthcare. Long-term and sustainable healthy choices are encouraged all over the world. Preventative measures such as healthcare education, smartphone applications and wearable technologies have become more accessible and encouraged by nurses everywhere.

· The need for patient and family education
A nurse is responsible for caring for a patient, but the expectations of nurses has shifted from the patient’s standpoint. Now more than ever, patients are expecting more from their nurses. Patients expect nurses to be able to answer all of their questions with confidence and educate them on possible issues even more than their physician’s would.

· Rapid growth and adaptation of medical technology
A continued growth in medical technology is inevitable, meaning nurses must be able to learn quickly. Access to technology, such as that of portable medical technology and telemedicine, are becoming more and more important to nurses worldwide.

· Electronic health records
With the rapid increase of technology in the medical world, health information privacy and access to records is changing. Instead of the traditional pen and paper, hospitals and physician’s offices are now beginning to utilize computer-based records. While this adds convenience and reduces the need for physical records, un-authorized individuals can access the information, and there is an increased risk of theft. Nurses are now required to work more diligently in ensuring that computer-based records stay safe and in the right hands.

· Increase in educational access
Not only is education within nursing increasing into more specialized forms of nursing, the primary pathway to professional nursing is a 4-year BSN program.

In addition to further education, nurses can expect the option for more online-based education. Because of the nursing shortage, the need for nurses is ever increasing. This has prompted the need for a more convenient and accessible option for those considering nursing.

Individuals can receive nursing degrees online. In addition to degrees, more and more nurses are completing required nursing certifications and recertifications online with ALCS, PALS, BLS and CPR certification.

As the healthcare industry continues to move forward, so will the world of nursing both at an individual and collaborative level.

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