NHCPS Offers Free Training To Malaysian Students

NHCPS Offers Free Training To Malaysian Students

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on May 7, 2014, at 2:07 pm


National Health Care Provider SolutionsIN AN EFFORT TO INSPIRE COMMUNITIES TO SAVE LIVES, an ongoing goal of Dr. Karl Fritz” Disque, National Health Care Provider Solutions coordinated with St. John’s Ambulance to present fundamental information to train those in Malaysia on proper CPR practice. St. John’s Ambulance, a volunteer ambulance service, corresponded with one of the most esteemed universities of Malaysia to train 80 residents proper CPR training. Fritz prepared a visually aesthetic presentation along with hands-on experience to the Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

Fritz’s goal of the demonstration was to not only teach the 80 residents there, but more significantly to promote and expose the expertise and information obtained by these citizens to other members of the community. The focus of the demonstration and presentation emphasized out of hospital care survival, diseases in Asia, the importance of CPR training, and methods to remember and properly practice CPR and AED techniques.

Along with Fritz were five faculty members who filmed the presentation on iPads to share the footage with others who could not attend the presentation. The students of Malaysia University of Science and Technology were evidently encouraged and remarkably excited about the training and information they received from Fritz. National Health Care Providers Solutions goal is to motivate others to save lives has, and will continue, to be represented by Fritz.


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