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PALS Algorithms You Need to Know

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on Aug 5, 2016 at 8:39 pm

YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR PEDIATRIC ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT (PALS) CERTIFICATION without studying and memorizing the PALS algorithms first. PALS algorithms were designed to help medical professionals working with pediatric patients best understand how to implement PALS protocols into practice during emergencies. Having a strong background in algorithm memorization will ensure PALS certification exam success! If you’re new to PALS, check out our free PALS Online Handbook.

Below are listed PALS algorithms to study for your PALS certification exam:

  • Pediatric Post-Resuscitation Care
  • Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
  • Pediatric Tachycardia
  • Pediatric Bradycardia with Pulse/Poor Perfusion
  • Pediatric BLS

Studying for the PALS exam, like studying for any test, can be a demanding task. Our tips?

  • Study only one or two algorithms per day
  • Teach others what you have learned
  • Redraw and rewrite the algorithms on another sheet of paper
  • Take regular study breaks after 45 minutes of continual studying
  • Study in different spots such as your desk, a library or coffee shop
  • Take PALS practice exams every day you study
  • Study in a group

Everyone learns differently, so experiment with different tactics. Test yourself and see which study techniques work best for you. Below, we’ve listed the algorithms straight from our own online PALS course:

Pediatric Post Resuscitation Care

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

Pediatric Tachycardia

PALS Responding to Tachycardia Algorithm

Pediatric Bradycardia with Pulse/Poor Perfusion

Pediatric BLS

Pediatric BLS Algorithm

Knowing the PALS algorithms isn’t the only procedure you can utilize to study for your certification exam. Understanding PALS medications and taking practice exams are a couple other ways to study!

Other resources to help you pass your PALS certification exam:

About Mackenzie

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  1. Doug says:

    You do not have to memorize the algorithms to pass the class nor does anyone memorize all those algorithms at all. You should understand them not atremp to memorize them. 35 years in Healthcare.

    1. Mackenzie Thompson says:

      Thanks for your comment Doug! We hope you found the article helpful and have gotten a chance to download our MediCode application where you can access all of the PALS algorithms right from your phone!

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