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Some of the Benefits of ACLS Online vs the Classroom

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie

Life Saver, NHCPS

posted on May 10, 2015 at 6:07 pm

MANY PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE EASE of ACLS online, but do not realize the many benefits of eLearning compared to the classroom. While medical certification online is a relatively new means of certification or recertification, it has proven to be the choice of thousands of nurses, doctors, firefighters, and other medical professionals in need of advanced cardiac life support certification.

Many find that ACLS online is more advantageous to their learning style, but some do not even give themselves the opportunity to try online learning and, unfortunately, do not explore this option. So, what are the benefits of ACLS online vs. in the classroom?

6 Benefits of ACLS Onlinenursing students studying

1. Access anytime of the day or night
While traditional medical certification classes use a fixed amount of time, online ACLS gives you complete access to lectures, courses, resources, practice tests, and much more. Classroom courses, on the other hand, present a limited and often unapproachable environment.

2. Utilize the latest technology
Online ACLS did not exist 20 years ago, simply because the technology needed didn’t either! Online learning uses the latest computer technology and software to give students the greatest potential for success. Plus, the skills you utilize within the course could benefit your career in various ways.

3. Immediate access to instructors, customer service representatives, and technical help
Because ACLS online uses a team of staff and instructors, access to assistance is always an option. In classroom learning, instructors may only offer an email and take hours or even days to respond. Online staff, however, is ready to assist at all times.

4. Learn at your own pace
Most online advanced cardiac life support courses are not timed, and offer students to learn at their own pace entirely. The content and skills learned are the same as traditional ACLS, yet can be retained by the student as quickly or slowly as the student needs.

5. Flexible schedule
Medical professionals are busy, and often can’t find the time within their schedules to certify or renew their required certifications during a scheduled class. Many need to sacrifice their weekends, and are required to take long hours in the classroom. Online learning, however, is there whenever you have time. Only have 10 minutes? You can start and stop as necessary. Some courses can even be taken in as little as 1 hour!

6. Save money
Online learning is often cheaper than traditional learning. Aside from the course itself, travel expenses or child care services are also some financial burdens that come with in-class courses.

ACLS online is not just convenient; it benefits the students in several ways. From financial savings to easy access, eLearning may be exactly what you need for your certification or required renewal!

We want to know: Have you tried online learning? Comment below!

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a lover of world travel, photography, design, style and Chinese cooking. She is passionate about working towards a purpose, recently graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Media and Marketing, and is currently residing in Manhattan.

Contact Mackenzie at [email protected]

  1. Kylie Dotts says:

    I like how you said that online ACLS certification allows you to use the latest technology. Being able to use your resources when you’re preparing for a new job could be really helpful in reaching your full potential and learning all that you can about what you’re going to be doing. I know that I wish I had this much technology available when I was going to school!

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