The 7 Best Medical Infographics

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Infographics, if well designed and carefully thought, can be a vital tool in learning or spreading awareness. Here, we list our favorites.

#1 Is mHealth Poised to Explode?

float learning infographic thumbnailIt’s no surprise more and more people are utilizing smartphones in ways never even thought of before. Mobile Health, commonly referred to as mHealth according to this infographic, is estimated to boom in the near future.
Is “mHealth Poised to Explode” features an array of statistics, including percentages and figures, that provide interesting background information. Who knew that mHealth can even be used outside of your smartphone or tablet?

hit consulting infographic thumbnail#2 5 Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare

While mHealth is surely becoming more functional, the “5 Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare” infographic features a bulk of additional modern healthcare trends changing the world of health in and outside of the hospital. This infographic predicts developments, like mobile networking and desktop virtualization, which keep the world of healthcare stimulating and up-to-date.

infographic thumbnail

#3 40 Key Trends Shaping The Future of Medicine

Similar to the infographic this infographic, this infographic displays futuristic and foreseeable trends in medicine. This infographic, however, names 40 categorizing them into 3 groups: already available, in progress, and still needs time.

#4 The Impact of Quantified Self Tracking

infographic thumbnailMonitoring health is never an easy task, but tracking health is crucial for improved check-ups and general wellbeing. There are several methods of tracking health, but  The Impact of Quantified Self Tracking” infographic analyzes how U.S adults track their information and to whom they share it with. This infographic stresses the worth of tracking health with thought-provoking statistics to help motivate! Consider tracking health with My Life Check, an online International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation tool.

infographic thumbnail#5 How Patients Learn in the Digital Age

This infographic does a fantastic job of breaking down the methods and extent of how patients learn in this age of digital technology. It sheds a positive light on the use of digital education but also emphasizes the importance of fact-checking sources.

#6 Social Media in Healthcare

infographic thumbnailSocial Media in Healthcare” tells all about how physicians use social media for personal and professional use. The infographic reports risks and methods of using social media as a healthcare company, which then stresses the consequence of lacking a social media policy. Give this infographic a read if you want a quick guide to what you’re seeing on your feed!

#7 Our Healthcare Referral System is Broken

infographic thumbnailThis infographic expresses concerns that are often neglected to discuss, which makes it an essential read. No person is perfect papers are misplaced but having patient forms and faxes is sometimes the difference between life and death. Our Healthcare Referral System is Broken” gives insight and tips on exchange referrals more efficiently.

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