10 Instagram Accounts Every Nurse Wanting to Laugh Should Follow

Nurses are taking to Instagram, providing content geared for their fellow nurses. During your break or after your long shift, blow off some steam while scrolling through your Instagram feed to find fun, inspiring, and relatable posts. It may just be what the doctor ordered!

We’ve done some research and found some of the best and most hilarious Instagram accounts for you to follow.

#1. @nursesproud
While @nurseproud is actually an account for a website that sells shirts for nurses, they post a ton of nursing memes. Who doesn’t love a good meme?!

#2. @thekatieduke
This is Katie Duke’s, NY Med star, personal account. She shares posts that are fun, inspiring, and relatable. Follow her account to gain access to her real-life adventures.

nurse using tablet computer#3. @nursesofinstagram
@nursesofinstagram is an account where nurses from all over the world can interact and relate to each others’ experiences. While nurses work in an array of practices, we can all relate!

#4. @snarkynurses
@snarkynurses claims to “unite the medical field with humor.” The account is run by “two nurses who love their jobs but inappropriate humor keeps them sane.” Follow them for a guaranteed laugh.

#5. @instanursing
@instanursing is ran by Richard Soto RN of the emergency department. Follow him for funny memes, nursing jokes, and inspiring content.

#6. @nurselifern
@nurselifern shares mostly original memes. Follow this account to avoid seeing the same memes over again. I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again- who doesn’t love a good meme?!

#7. @nursingproblems
@nursingproblems posts humorous content that focuses on the troubles of nurses. As they say in their bio, “just your daily dose of nursing love & humor.”

#8. @nursedeal
@nursedeal is an account that takes pride in being a nurse! Following this account will give you daily nursing memes and quotes.

#9. @nursehumorprn
@nursehumorprn providers a daily dose of humor for nurses. However, if you’re a bit sensitive, this might not be account for you. Take their posts with a grain of salt.

#10. @theawkward_nurse
@theawkward_nurse is another account focusing on nursing humor. Here you can find relatable posts that will be sure to give you a chuckle.

Remember- you aren’t alone in the nursing world. Social media allows you to feel connected to other nurses everywhere. These accounts are sure to be relatable and provide you with some comedic relief! Follow us for more medically-related content at @nhcps. (We post nursing memes too!)

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  1. Vanessa Hickerson, CMRS Avatar
    Vanessa Hickerson, CMRS

    It’s not Seinfeld, but Instagram is also good for a laugh. I shared this article to an RCM and Practice Management Facebook group that I am in. Thanks!!!

    1. Mackenzie Thompson Avatar
      Mackenzie Thompson

      Thanks for the share Vanessa!

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