2015 by the Numbers Recap: How We Were Able to Empower 85,000 People to Save a Life in Just a Year

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header image for infographic post with titleAS 2015 COMES TO AN END, National Health Care Providers Solutions (NHCPS) cannot help but feel delightfully astounded by the number of people who have helped us and our partner, the Disque Foundation, reach our goals. The numbers have proven that the goal to empower a million people to save a life by 2020 through the Save A Life Initiative is possible.

NHCPS was founded in 2011 simply because many health care professionals were feeling burdened by the need to recertify in ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR with time-consuming, weekend classroom courses. Online learning was just taking off, but online certifications for medical professionals was practically unheard of, and the team at NHCPS knew they wanted to make the certification and recertification process as convenient as possible.

thumbnail for infographic belowJust in this past year, NHCPS announced that we would now completely own and fund the international and domestic mission work of the Disque Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims towards spreading health care knowledge and technology to individuals and areas that need it most. In 2015 alone, NHCPS was able to give complete funding to the Disque Foundation in their efforts across America and overseas trip to the Philippines during the summer. Dr. Karl Fritz Disque, the executive director of the foundation, and the rest of the team were able to repair 50 hernias, conduct 4 C-sections, treat trauma patients following a gunshot wound and certify a community of volunteer firefighters in Basic Life Support.

The Disque Foundation’s efforts truly inspired us here at NHCPS to do more good within the often-troubled world of health care. In November, we decided to give back to all health care professionals by giving away free ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR certifications and recertifications all month long. Our ThanksLiving course giveaway was such a success, that we decided to run our Buy One Give One campaign during the holiday season.

NHCPS is proud to have empowered over 85,000 people to save a life in 88 total countries in just the past year. 20,000 of those certifications were given away for free, making an average of 232 people empowered to save a life every single day. We certified or recertified over 41,000 individuals in online CPR alone and certified 65,000 individuals in ACLS, PALS, BLS, and CPR in total.

The team at NHCPS feels so grateful and amazed at the amount of change we’ve seen in 2015 and are so eager to see what 2016 brings us.

Below, you will find a graphic featuring a statistical recap of what NHCPS, with your help, did in 2015.

Have a safe and happy New Year! Thank you for inspiring others to live an inspired life.

infographic detailing NHCPS and Disque foundation mission

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