The Life of Nursing Student Sheldon Buss: Interview with the NHCPS Team

Nursing Student Sheldon Buss Interview with the NHCPS TeamU.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT published America’s Best Graduate Schools 2016, a guidebook that ranks several University of Iowa College of Nursing graduate programs among the finest in the nation. Nursing Administration was ranked #2 and Anesthesia Nursing #9.

The National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) team had the pleasure of speaking with dedicated nursing student Sheldon Buss of the University of Iowa College of Nursing this week. We were delighted by her enthusiasm and passion for nursing, especially at such a crucial time in her nursing career. We felt we just had to share.

Sheldon is currently working towards her BSN, which consists of two rigorous years of undergrad courses followed by two years at the University of Iowa College of Nursing. In addition to her classes, she must complete nine hours twice a week in the hospital. Sheldon is in pursuit of one day becoming a Nurse Anesthesiologist. Check out what Sheldon has to say about her adventure in becoming a nurse!


Interview with Nursing Student Sheldon Buss:

Nursing Student Sheldon Buss Interview with NHCPS team
What are you most excited for as a future nurse?

The future of healthcare in our country and an aging baby boomer population will keep demand for healthcare services and qualified professionals high. I am most excited about using my education to help meet this demand in a career that serves others.
In the future, the demand for services of a growing population of patients will create an opportunity for nurses to train and support medical technicians and doctors to an even greater extent. Nurses will be expected to expand their education, skills and knowledge base to perform a wider range of assignments. I love learning and I am excited to continue my education beyond the 4 year program to specialize.

Why do you want to be a nurse?

Throughout childhood, I always viewed nurses as being confident, calm and gentle. I admired that. I also have two very special aunts who are nurses. I love visiting them at work, asking questions and listening to their stories. The thing I admire most is how much pride they take in the job they do.

A few years ago following a six month hospital stay, my Grandpa died after a series of stomach surgeries. I was lucky to get the chance to spend time with him at the hospital before he passed. During that time, I was able to observe and ask questions to his team of caregivers. The nurses were amazing. All day, every day, they were there to tend to his every need. The tireless devotion and gentle care they gave to my grandpa made such a difference not only for him, but also for my whole family. Losing my grandpa was the hardest thing I’ve been through in my life so far, but it reinforced the decision I had already made to become a nurse and strengthened my desire to help others.

I have a natural interest in science. A career in the nursing field will always challenge me. The field will certainly never be boring because there are so many places to work within the field of nursing, and so many countless opportunities.

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What are the biggest challenges you face as a nursing student?

Competition. Nursing is a growing field and a lot more people today are pursuing it as a career. I am also impressed with the large number of smart, focused and driven students in my nursing program. It pushes me to excel in my studies.

Also, in a complex field as nursing, you commit to a life as a continual learner. Learning and education never stops. I find my studies more challenging than anything I’ve ever done in my life. And also the most rewarding!

What has been your favorite experience as a nursing student?

Now that I am in my Junior year as a nursing student, I love the hands-on learning and working with live patients in a hospital setting. It’s awesome how the more experienced nurses are so willing to offer their expertise to help the students. It also feels good when the professionals tell you they believe in you.

What do you wish people knew about nurses?

Nurses train extremely hard and work hard. They are smart and educated. The education process is extremely competitive and extensive. It is a challenging and rewarding career.

How do you feel about online education as a nursing student?

There is definitely room for online education, especially for recertification purposes. The act of implementing what you learn from online education classes is very important.

Join the Rewarding Career Path of Nursing!

Sheldon’s perseverance and aspiration for nursing and all that the career entails has truly inspired us at NHCPS. Let’s face it not everyone is cut out to be a nurse. It takes an extremely trustworthy, hardworking and compassionate individual to pursue the path, but we believe strongly in Sheldon’s journey! We need nurses now more than ever, and the rewarding and multifaceted career is an essential part of the health care world.

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