Student Nursing 101: Top 15 Free Online Resources for Nursing Students

AS A NURSING STUDENT YOU AIM TO CARE AND HELP OTHERS, but don’t forget about yourself! Student nurses need all the help they can get, and most likely will appreciate it more if the help is free. We get it and want to help you out.

Check out our list of 15 free online resources for nursing students, just like you!

Free Reference Resources For Nursing Students

#1 Learning Nurse
If you’re looking for a simple way to study or simply find out more information, is a free, online resource network filled with free modules, tests, apps, videos and much more. They even have an online nursing library!

As a student nurse, staying up-to-date with the latest news and career opportunities within the competitive and always changing field is crucial. has a useful “student news” section and a “jobs” section where nursing students can check out what’s new.

#3 Nursing and Allied Health Resources
If you are a student nurse looking for one website with a plethora of free and informative resources, look no further than Nursing and Allied Health Resources of the online Medical Library Association. Just a glance at the left sidebar will leave you feeling overwhelmed with databases, literature, surveys, PowerPoint presentations, and any more helpful resources.

#4 Nurse Zone Student Nurse
Any nursing website that features an entire section tab devoted to helping nursing students is a winner in our book! Nurse Zone’s Student Nurses site is chock full of practical information for college students, such as tips on schools, financial aid, study tips, networking, and a resume creator. You won’t be left hanging here!

#5 All Nurses Nursing Student
The recipe for a successful nursing education is to surround yourself with your peers and we couldn’t agree more. If you are looking to network and connect with other nursing students on specific and general topics, the All Nurses Nursing Student section is the place to be. Registration is free and the topic possibilities are endless!

RN program rankings, NCLEX Exams with rationales, scholarships, career guides, and career advice from veteran nurses at

Educational Resources For Nursing Students

google computer nursing clinicals nhcps#7 
If you are studying nursing or any medical profession for that matter, you will take an anatomy course and be expected to retain this information and implement it into your career for the rest of your life. Intimidated? is a free online tool to help you visualize all human anatomy systems and practice for those tough exams.

#8 eNurseScribe
For nursing students looking for assistance with writing, scribing and organization tips, eNurseScribe is a site filled with information that is sure to help you out. They offer great tools such as articles, student pages, crosswords, and conferences.

#9 Nursing
College is expensive, and everyone could use a scholarship. One must apply first to be eligible, and the list of nursing scholarships could feel overwhelming. has a specific site pertaining to only nursing scholarships, including application deadlines, prerequisites and descriptions of every major scholarship.

#10 NHCPS Online BLS Practice Test
All nurses need Basic Life Support certification (BLS), which requires a challenging final exam to receive the certification. In addition to Basic Life Support, nurses also may need Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification (PALS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification (ACLS) and CPR, AED & First Aid certification, which also all require final exams. If you are studying for the final exam, consider checking out our online BLS Practice Test, PALS Practice Test, and ACLS Practice Test questions!

Manuel’s Web Nursing Calculator
From conversion to clinical to drug calculators, this site features any calculator you may need as a nursing student for quick reference.

#12 RxList
Student nurses need to know about prescription drugs. Physical drug guides are big and bulky, and it could take a while for you to find the drug you’re looking for. RxList has a search bar function, which allows nurses to quickly search any drug they need the down low on.

#13 Nursing Ethics
Ethics is central to the way we care, and to the way, we envision ourselves as professionals. If you are looking for a site filled with nursing ethics, codes and articles, you need to visit

Fun Nursing Resources

Nursing Fun
If laughter really is the best medicine, Nursing Fun is a cure-all for nursing students. With jokes, games, and resources, this site is great if you need a chuckle and break from the intensity of nursing school.

#15 Nurstoon
For hilarious comic strips on virtually any nursing or health care topic, visit Nurstoon and experience a true LOL!”

Whether you need a comprehensive online study guide for the NCLEX or simply a 5-minute satirical nursing humor break with a comic strip, the Internet is filled with ways to help you be a better nurse.

* Extra Nursing Education Resource Guide
Whether you’re a current nurse seeking to become a nurse educator, a nursing student or just someone interested in nursing, you will find a lot of useful information in this guide. You’ll find everything from study and teaching resources to links for professional associations, blogs, podcasts and more.

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