Coronavirus Preparedness with ACLS and PALS Online

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Only around 30% of people know what to do during a life or death emergency. Are you one of them? How might understanding what to do in these critical moments increase your Coronavirus Preparedness?

Regardless of whether you work in healthcare, you can learn what to do in a medical emergency. Doing so gives you the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to get ready for the likelihood that someone you know gets very sick with COVID-19.

Woman with face protective maskAre you ready if COVID-19 leads to a medical emergency among your co-workers, employees, your parents, or your child? It’s important to be able to answer that question for yourself.

Training on ACLS online and PALS online gives you that advantage in a dire situation. Find out how to gain this vital knowledge for free and get ready for COVID-19 survival.

What Are ACLS and PALS?

If you’re not a healthcare professional, these terms may seem foreign. However, they may just be the most important concepts you ever learn.

ACLS is Advanced Cardiac Life Support. PALS is Pediatric Advanced Life Support. These go beyond basic CPR, which we hear about a lot. Taking these courses gives you the advanced tools you need to save a life in a variety of medical emergencies, including complications from COVID-19.

You can learn PALS and ACLS online for free through our website. Each course is designed to help anyone go from general knowledge to expert in saving lives during an emergency. Save your progress and go at your own pace to learn these advanced life-saving concepts. Our mobile-friendly courses can go with you anywhere.

You can stop by obtaining informing yourself about life support. Or, if you prefer, get certified. You deserve to be recognized for the time you put into our free online training.

How Could Learning ACLS and PALS Help During a COVID-19 Emergency?

infant cpr compressionCOVID-19 is an upper respiratory disease. In some patients, the infection moves into the lower respiratory system (lungs). When it does, severe lung inflammation, called pneumonia occurs. When someone has pneumonia, the immune system is trying to flush the virus out along with compromised cells. But it ends up taking out healthy cells in the process. This leads to fluid-filled lungs, which limits how much air the lungs can bring in.

When the lungs can’t fill with oxygen, blood oxygen levels drop. This makes a person feel very weak and light-headed. They may or may not pass out. But at this point, if they do not get onto a respirator soon, they may die.

ACLS and PALS do not replace medical care. If your loved one is struggling to breathe, you should get emergency help. With that said, in a COVID-19 medical emergency, seconds matter. You can use the skills you learn in ACLS and PALS online courses to preserve the life of both adults and children until medical personnel arrives.

These trainings give you the confidence you need to handle a scary situation like this. They are essential to Coronavirus Preparedness — even more so that toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and dry beans.

Other Reasons ACLS and PALS Are Important

COVID-19 is about to change your life dramatically if it has not already. Now is the time for COVID-19 readiness. Whether you work in a nursing home, grocery store, restaurant, or the emergency room; everyone needs these life-saving skills right now.

In addition, by knowing how to save lives, you’ll also better understand how to keep yourself safe while doing it. That’s vital when we’re dealing with a highly contagious virus like the novel coronavirus.

You’re already be seeing people in your community coming down with COVID-19 and heading to the hospital. You may be experiencing the stress of trying to keep your family safe and well. Learning these skills right now gives you the confidence you need to navigate something unprecedented among those living today.

In addition to the life-saving tools you gain through PALS online and ACLS online training as you work toward during Coronavirus Preparedness, there are some other benefits.

At this time, advancing your career may not be a top priority. However, getting your Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support looks great on a resume with both your current and potential employer, whether you’re a receptionist or a pediatric nurse. When leadership positions open up, having these certifications can very well be the deciding factor.

Just some industries where these PALS and ACLS certifications are worth their weight in gold include:

  • Education – From pre-school to vocational schools to higher education, parents and administration want to know that there are people on staff who are trained to handle a medical emergency
  • Sports and Gym industry – Right now, sporting events are non-existent, but your Coronavirus Preparedness now can pay you back long-term if you work with crowds, especially those at higher risk, which is the case at a sporting event.
  • Recreation, Hospitality, and Travel – From theaters to wedding halls to mountain retreats, these skills are vital.
  • Theme Parks – Drowning, personal injury accidents, choking — employers want people on hand who can help.
  • Healthcare and First Responders – Some roles may require certifications and the updating of certifications, so it’s great that you can get your ACLS and PALS online

Why Now Is a Great Time to Get Your ACLS and PALS Online

If you’re one of the many stuck at home right now, or finding yourself with extra time on your hands, watching Netflix all day is not the best use of your time. No shaming here. We know you know this.

You can complete your PALS and ACLS online for both Coronavirus Preparedness and to advance your career once this all blows over. What a marvelous use of your free time! That’s a much better use than spending all day re-reading COVID-19 news articles and stressing yourself out.

If you are in an essential role and working long hours, taking an online course that prepares you for COVID-19 can be relaxing. That’s because the short lessons and easy to digest lessons are straightforward, organized, and designed for people of all knowledge levels.

What You’ll Learn to Get Your ACLS Certificate

In an emergency, certain and swift actions save lives. That’s what you’ll get from this program. Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in your ACLS online course

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Get up-to-date on 2020 standards and explore what’s changed in life support over the past five years. Compare past and current guidance to better understand how technology and science are evolving Basic Life Support (BLS) best practices and saving lives. Review the new updated Adult BLS Algorithm for Covid-19 patients.

Learn BLS for adults, including:

  • Chest compressions
  • Establishing an airway
  • Giving breath safely
  • Using defibrillators
  • How procedures change when you have one rescuer or two

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Once you’ve learned or reviewed the basics, you’re ready for the advanced part and if more prepared for COVID-19 emergencies. In this section of the course, you’ll learn:

Principles of Early Defibrillation

In this section, you’ll learn about why defibrillation works as well as early defibrillation principles. Learn about Automated Early Defibrillation (AED) and the procedure to take to do it correctly.

Systems of Care

Learn and the people involved and strategies used to save lives in an emergency. Regardless of whether you’re a healthcare worker, or just here to do your part, this is vital information.

This course section includes:

Updated ACLS Cardiac Arrest Algorithm for COVID-19 patients

ACLS Cardiac Arrest Covid 19 AlgorithmFind out more about ACLS Cardiac Arrest Algorithm for suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients.

ACLS Cases

Complete your ACLS online training with practical applications. Many of these topics may sound way over your head right now. But keep in mind that this is an advanced course. And by the time you get to this point in the course, you’ve more than built the framework you need to tackle these advanced concepts.

  • Respiratory Arrest – What should you do if someone stops breathing?
  • Ventricular Fibrillation & Pulseless Ventricular Tachycardia
  • Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) & Asystole
  • Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Post-Cardiac Arrest Care
  • Adult Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm
  • Symptomatic Bradycardia
  • Adult Bradycardia with Pulse Algorithm
  • Stable & Unstable Tachycardia
  • Adult Tachycardia with Pulse Algorithm
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome Algorithm
  • Acute Stroke
  • Acute Stroke Algorithm
  • Cardiac Arrest Algorithm for Suspected or Confirmed Covid-19 Patients

You’ve much more to learn in our ACLS online courses. So check them out to learn more.

What You’ll Learn to Get Your PALS Certificate

Performing life-saving measures on an adult or older teen if very different from doing so on a child or infant. What may be standard protocol, could seriously injure or kill a child. So it’s worth learning skills for PALS online.

PALS Resuscitation Team

Learn what a resuscitation team looks like when a child is involved. Understand the roles and responsibilities of each member.

PALS Basic Life Support

Find out the difference among BLS for an infant versus an eight-year-old or a 13-year-old. Act confidently to preserve life regardless of the child’s age.

Updated Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm for COVID-19 patients

Pedatric Cardiac Arrest Covid-19 AlgorithmFind out more about Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm for suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Now, that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to take your learning to the advanced level with:

  • Normal Heart Anatomy and Physiology – Explore the anatomy of the heart. Learn how a child’s heart work to better understand how to help them.
  • PALS A Systematic Approach – Know exactly what to do if a child is unresponsive. This step-by-step approach gives you the mental fortitude to keep a level head in an emergency and do what you must do.
  • PALS Initial Assessment: Diagnose and Treat – Learn how doctors diagnose and treat children in various types of health emergencies like ( breathing, circulation, disability, or exposure
  • PALS Second Assessment: Diagnose and Treat – Learn more about how doctors diagnose and treat and understand barriers you may face when attempting perfusion or oxygenation while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.
  • PALS Life Threatening Issues – Find how to assess the situation to determine if the child is in distress and what life-saving measures they may need

PALS Resuscitation Tools

Explore the tools you or a professional may use during resuscitation and how they are different from adult tools. Once again, these may sound too advanced now, but this course prepares you for these advanced concepts.

PALS Scenarios

Learn vital Coronavirus Preparedness skills like how to recognize when breathing distress, heart problems, and shock that require medical attention. After completing this course, you’ll know exactly how to respond to it to maintain life while you wait for medical personnel to arrive. You’ll know what to do to prevent another event after you’ve resuscitated the child.

We’ve only scratched the surface. Visit the PALS online training page to learn more.

How to Get Certified in PALS and ACLS Online

To get your PALS online certification or recertification to visit our website. Our courses are internationally accredited. We are Joint Commission compliant, so you’ll know you’re getting a certificate that will be accepted by the vast majority (98%) of employers.

You can also get your ACLS online certificate or recertification on our site. This course adheres to the latest ILCOR Standards and Guidelines. And both courses are 100% online, so you don’t have to travel anywhere. That’s important at a time when Coronavirus Preparedness dictates that we stay at home.

While the courses are free, we do charge a small fee for certification. While it’s rare, if, for any reason, your employer doesn’t recognize our industry-respected certificates, we’ll give you a full refund. We stand behind the quality of our training products.

Taking Free Coronavirus Preparedness Course

We’re faced with unprecedented events. Now, more than ever, knowing what to do in a medical emergency is everyone’s responsibility. Ensure your own Coronavirus preparedness by completing free ACLS online and PALS online courses. Get your Save a Life Certifications by National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS).

About Mackenzie Thompson, Life Saver, NHCPS

Mackenzie is a seasoned life saver and a multifaceted professional in the medical field. With an impressive 8-year track record in medical education, Mackenzie boasts a comprehensive set of certifications, including ACLS, PALS, BLS, and CPR, which reflect her unwavering commitment and expertise. Her significant contributions to teaching and the development of medical content underscore her profound knowledge and dedication to advancing healthcare.

Beyond her medical prowess, Mackenzie seamlessly integrates her passion for education with her proficiency in media and marketing. Her academic journey at Indiana University culminated in a degree in Media and Marketing, further solidifying her expertise in these domains.

In addition to her impressive professional achievements, Mackenzie possesses a refined taste for global exploration, photography, design aesthetics, sartorial elegance, and the culinary arts, with a particular affinity for Chinese cuisine. Currently based in the vibrant city of Manhattan, she continues to be a driving force in the medical community. She is an invaluable asset to, where she champions excellence and innovation with unwavering dedication.

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